Marine Plastics

Our seas are awash with micro beads, nurdles, ghost nets, plastic bags, plastic bottles and a raft of other plastic debris that have no place in our Oceans.

It’s impossible to ignore the heartbreaking images of marine life caught in debris and the sad sight of dead birds that have ingested bottle tops, nurdles, lighters and all manner of nasty plastic items. Increasingly whales found dead on beaches have stomachs full of plastic as do fish and marine life.  Marine plastics are a huge issue, not only for the health and well being of marine life in our oceans but also how that impacts on our health and well being and wider reaching issues.

We were delighted to welcome Amanda Barlow, Martin Dorey, Jon Khoo and Natalie Fee to the Wave Conference to discuss the issues and stats surrounding micro plastics and marine debris, in order to show the effects on marine life, health and well being and wider reaching issues.  They’ll be talking about how they’ve made a change and what they’re doing to encourage change within their business or environment.

“2.5 billion metric tons of solid waste is produced all around the world”

“275m metric tons is plastic waste”

“2 billion people within 30 miles of the coast create 100m metric tons of coastal plastic waste”